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  • Export decline, the decline in China's home appliance market shipments


    According to iSuppli, due to the global economic slowdown led to the decline in exports, is expected in 2009 Chinese major appliances exports will be reduced by 2.7%. In 2009 China major appliances total shipments are expected to 177 million 500 thousand units in 2008, less than 182 million 400 thousand. Total shipments represent the market trend of the main air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator and microwave oven.

  • The company needs to recruit 5 foreign trade clerks for business development


    The company needs to recruit 5 foreign trade clerks for its business development Requirements: 1. Graduation of international trade major 2, more than one year work experience, English level four or above, fluent in spoken English 3, familiar with foreign trade business processes and documents operation 4, can independently receive orders, documentary

  • Definition and application of microswitch


    Micro switch is a kind of quick switch with pressure and actuation. It is also called sensitive switch. Master electrical instantaneous a trip is very small, the micro switch contact switch is small. The hand gently touched on, factories used to switch the internal short circuit, over-current protection. When the external mechanical force on the operation button, the operation button will move downward, through the pull hook. When the spring is pulled to a certain length, the moving reed moves down rapidly

  • Analysis of intelligent air conditioner temperature controller Market


    The thermostat has been developing rapidly in the electronics industry for a long time. Due to the regional air conditioning unit can flexibly control the start and stop of the indoor temperature, and can save space and cost, fan coil plus fresh air system (FCU) has been in the guest rooms and business to rent industry, hotels and office buildings and other buildings preferred semi central air conditioning system type.

  • The company's corporate culture


    First, our core values are: Loyalty, gratitude, learning, innovation, hard work! Two, it is our style: Initiative, rapid response, immediate action Three, innovation is our culture

  • The working principle of temperature controller


    The temperature controller is made according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of objects. Thermal expansion and contraction are common properties of objects, but the degree of thermal expansion and contraction of different objects is different. Two double gold tablets is a conductor of different substances

  • Hynix will invest in semiconductor post processing plant


    The semiconductor market is becoming more and more fierce, and more and more manufacturers put their eyes on this one. According to South Korean media reports, Hynix Semiconductor today said it will establish a semiconductor processing plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, in conjunction with Wuxi Industrial Development Group Co., ltd..

  • The company's business philosophy


    Enterprise concept: innovation, transcendence, brand and responsibility Innovation: continuous innovation, the best industry, the best product, serve the community Beyond: beyond the dream, beyond yourself, to further and better goals continue to work hard