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  • Fierce competition in the market of low-voltage contactor


    In the development of electrical industry, low-voltage contactor as traditional low-voltage electrical products, has been very mature. Sufficient market demand has spawned a large number of manufacturers of low voltage contactor. Companies want to enter the market and benefit from low-voltage contactor, the need for the current is fully understanding, low-voltage contactor market, including the main aspects.

  • The market survey report with the core socket AV


    "China AV socket with the core project market survey report (special)" comprehensive investigation of the AV socket with the core product market macro environment, industry development, market supply and demand situation, the competitiveness of enterprises, the brand value of the product and other special products, to provide market information for consultants, for consultation the investment and management decision-making process for reference.

  • Israel is widely used technology of global consumer electronic products


    Israel enjoys a worldwide reputation for technology in the fields of electronics, communications and the internet. Its development trend, lock achievements are gratifying. Technology development from the most basic components, chip design, assembly and testing industry to consumer electronics, digital entertainment, security and other fields, Israel Corp are located in the world.

  • How the Chinese electronic enterprises to cope with the financial crisis?


    The world financial crisis has affected the world's real economy and international trade, and also has a significant impact on China's economy, the main manifestation of the export of foreign trade is greatly reduced. In the first quarter of the year, China's economy is better than the world economy in terms of a bleak picture, but it is not easy to say that China's economy is beginning to recover.

  • Impact of the decline in exports, Chinese appliance market shipments declined


    According to iSuppli, due to the global economic recession led to the decline in exports, is expected in 2009 China's major exports of home appliances will be reduced by 2.7%. In 2009, the total shipments of China's major home appliances are expected to be 177 million 500 thousand units, less than 182 million 400 thousand units in 2008. Total shipments represent air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens, which are major home appliances market trends.

  • Electrical industry will usher in a big change


    With the vigorous development of the electrical industry, people are full of expectation for the electrical industry. In 2012, China Electric Power Research Institute income will reach 30 billion yuan, income Chinese EPRI to reach 50 billion yuan, the national Power Grid Corp to the strong integration of power transmission equipment industry, the formation of a north south two electrical equipment general underwriters.

  • Analysis of intelligent air conditioner temperature controller Market


    The thermostat has been developing rapidly in the electronics industry for a long time. Due to the regional air conditioning unit can flexibly control the start and stop of the indoor temperature, and can save space and cost, fan coil plus fresh air system (FCU) has been in the guest rooms and business to rent industry, hotels and office buildings and other buildings preferred semi central air conditioning system type.

  • Hynix Semiconductor processing plant construction investment


    The semiconductor market intensified, more manufacturers will put their eyes on this piece. According to South Korean media reports, Hynix said today that will establish a joint venture semiconductor processing factory in Jiangsu province Chinese after Wuxi city and Wuxi Industrial Development Group Co. ltd..