The company's corporate culture
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First, our core values are:
Loyalty, gratitude, learning, innovation, hard work!
Two, it is our style:
Initiative, rapid response, immediate action
Three, innovation is our culture
First, our core values are:
Loyalty, gratitude, learning, innovation, hard work!
Two, it is our style:
Initiative, rapid response, immediate action
Three, innovation is our culture:
Either death or innovation, in addition to his wife and children the same, everything changed!
Innovation is the soul of enterprise! Liabilities experience, innovation is an asset
Four, our strategic culture is:
Healthy mind in the development, strives for the development of robust!
- the expansion of the national and the world J
Five, our culture is the crisis:
In a minute into the crisis, are likely to result in failure, one day does not progress in enterprises that are likely to be out,
No sense of crisis only death.
Six, our culture is hard:
Just like pregnancy, a long time themselves and others will see!
Within 118 hours of survival, eight hours for development!
- each private efforts will have multiply in return, and is shown in public!
Seven, our culture is used:
In Germany just before after. Horses and horse racing! Capable, concerning, let!
A virtuous and talented exceptional use, not only cultivate virtue!
No restrictions on the use of only one, non German firm was not!
For people to suspect, the system first; employers do not suspect, the suspect not die; no one is available.
Eight, our executive culture is:
Great companies from the great principle of great principle from the great execution. Understanding execution, not understanding execution. Take orders, resolutely implement, the suspect will have to ask, ask tiebifu!
Executive force is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Results: self - advance back to lock the target, focus on repeat
Speaking about human management, management is the responsibility,
20 / 80 rule
- the essence of management is not knowledge but, know that there is no power, believe and do
To have the power of L
A person is willing to change the problem, attitude is everything!
- thought - attitude - behavior decision results
Eleven, our culture is learning:
Learning is the survival of the learning ability is equal to the competition ability
Our future only competitive advantage is better than our competitors to learn more and learn faster!
Twelve, our culture is communication:
The speech should be specific to clear. To quantify, pay attention to communication to copy
Communication: Sambo: nod and smile, praise!
Thirteen, our team culture:
There is no perfect person, the only perfect team, the team is I, I is the team!
To do team love, don't do team liabilities
Fourteen, our sales culture is:
The first sale service after selling products!
Fifteen, service is our culture:
The customer is always right, also to understand, do not understand the!
Sixteen, our culture is the competition:
First, quality cost, quality and cost: second, third: quality or cost!
Seventeen, the quality of our culture is:
Product is the character, quality brand from
- two habits: "very valuable things of today" and "get things right the first time"
Eighteen, our production culture is:
Good product is good people to do it
- cultivate their children's attitude to manufacture products, delivery of products like Songzi on the battlefield!
Nineteen, our culture is meeting:
Team work, and will have on benefit by mutual discussion, debate and vote, and will have, and there is fruit!
Twenty, our talent concept is:
Our company has only two kinds of people: one is the expert, an entrepreneur!
A good talent, not only to the peak principle, but also good compromise!
Three traits, success is twenty-one:
Seriously, fast, commitment
How to work hard?
Everything is full of passion, initiative and effort!
Twenty-two, with their rivalry:
Twenty-three, our success is the law:
Success is simple and easy to repeat things to do!
- what is not simple: we think very simple things to do repeated thousands of times, this is not simple!
What is not easy: one very easy thing known as serious repeat it well this is not easy!
Twenty-four, our education is three worms:
Nothing is enough, none of my business are pests, there is no sense of crisis is a fool!
Twenty-five, our aim is to:
Customer satisfaction, enterprise profit
Twenty-six, our mission is to:
To cultivate excellent staff: to promote business excellence become Huahui win-win, return to society.